Making the Choice to Be Happy

It’s cheesy, I know.  Hearing people talk about self-care and “finding your happiness” has become such a loosely repeated mantra that it has almost lost its true meaning.  The term “making the choice to be happy” is far too broad and quite frankly inaccurate in part.  You do not wake up one day and simply choose to be happy and then all of a sudden, everything is peachy keen and sunshine and rainbows.  Making the choice to be happy actually starts with making the choice to do numerous other small things first.  For example, making the choice to get out of bed and walk around the block instead of laying around all morning, making the choice to wash your face and brush your teeth before bed rather than crawling under the covers still unclean from the day.  It’s making the choice to do small things, things that alone will not bring happiness, but when practiced regularly and alongside other things, will bring you the feeling of contentment that is so heartily sought after.

The goal is that this blog will contain the content and words necessary to teach you how to achieve this.  The thing is, I haven’t always been happy myself.  I haven’t always done what I should do to take care of myself.  I haven’t always even believed that happiness or contentment was realistically achievable.  I thought that it was just something that some people have and some people don’t.  Fortunately, I’ve learned otherwise and come to realize that it’s possible for anybody anywhere to feel content with their life.  For that reason, I hope this blog won’t just be another hogwash blog full of meaningless words and rubbish self-care tips that you dismiss with a huff and a wave of the hand, but that it will actually inspire you to make different choices, to put forth effort, and to find the motivation and balance necessary to feel content with your life.

With that being said, I welcome you to join me on this journey of self-care and creating a self-sufficient soul.

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