Do One Thing Every Day to Take Care of Yourself

I’ve had a really tough couple of months, and it’s left me in somewhat of an emotional rut.  Every day feels the same–waking up and going about my business, lacking purpose and motivation to do anything greater than my daily obligations.  I haven’t felt any better than “okay” in weeks.

A wonderful friend of mine proposed that, in order to change this, I should do one thing every single day to take care of myself.  Maybe something small.  Maybe something big.  Just anything.  I started this yesterday by cleaning out my car.  This may sound silly, as cleaning out your car doesn’t necessarily seem like an act of self-care.  But when you’re feeling depressed, crossing the simplest things off of your to-do list can be the most difficult task in the universe.  And it’s incredible how much better I felt this morning, when I got into my car to leave for class, and I didn’t have to look at a pile of books and clothes in my backseat and think about how I should take them inside.  It seems trivial at first, but taking care of those little things that you’ve been putting off just because you don’t feel like doing anything can make a world of difference.

Your tiny acts of self-care may not be something like that.  Maybe there’s a movie you’ve been wanting to see.  Or a friend you’ve been feeling compelled to call.  Or maybe you just need to light some candles and soak in the bath for a little while.  Whatever you choose, whatever your act may be, do one thing.  Every day.  Start small and stay committed.  Doing it for one day, one week, or even one month may not be enough to entirely transform your mindset, but little by little, you’ll start to feel lighter.  And before long, this habit will become a lifestyle change.

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