My Journey of Self-Sufficiency


I have been on a spiritual journey of self-betterment for quite some time now.  I believe with my whole heart that self-sufficiency is the key to happiness, that being happy depends upon creating a sense of contentment within yourself.  “Finding happiness” is not a journey with an end goal; rather, the entire voyage is a continual process of daily decisions and making the choice to adopt a differing perspective.  When you choose to view the world through eyes of positivity, you have already taken the most important step towards happiness.

Self-sufficiency is about being capable of feeling entirely content without the aide of any other outside elements.  To obtain inner-peace is to be self-sufficient.  To be confident in your abilities is to be self-sufficient.  To know your worth and truly believe that your life carries meaning is to be self-sufficient.

Self-sufficiency is a continual process.  You will not suddenly wake up one day, having applied the tips and advice from this blog to your life and feel happy.  It continues on throughout your entire experience on this earth, constantly requiring you to make intentional decisions in the name of positivity.  Surely, it will get easier.  It may become automatic one day, not something that you have to force yourself to do so much anymore.  But it will always require effort, and it will always require you to make a choice.

Do you choose to see the positivity in the world, or do you wish to continue to dwell on the darkness?  The choice is yours, and I do hope that you make the right one.
With that being said, I welcome you.

Welcome to my blog, and welcome aboard the journey of becoming a self-sufficient soul.